TOdC Limited specialise in getting the design of relational database systems right - something which goes far beyond the database itself. With over 15 years' experience of building applications on top of Oracle and SQL Server databases in many different environments; we know what works and what does not. We also understand what businesses need from IT solutions - and the proper use of IT such that it becomes a beneficial part of the business.

About the TOdC web-site (last updated January 2008)

*new* - several new papers have been accepted for publication in industry journals, these are available for download via the publications section of the site.

Not only does this web-site aim to set-out who we are, what we do and (hopefully) how and why you should talk to us but it also provides resources for database professionals. The publications page has links to extended versions of articles published, yet to be published or submitted but not published (yes, it happens). The extended parts of the articles re-insert sections that the editors of the various magazines and sites required removing due to space limitations on the page. They also include additional code examples and side-bars - things that add value to the article but would never have made it past the editor so were not even in the original submission. Where articles refer to code samples and/or scripts these too are available via links off the publications page.

The scripts page has a library of scripts that are used constantly and enhanced regularly - each and every one has proved to be of great usefulness to DBAs and developers. A special feature of this page is the Tip of the Week where a favourite script is picked out, explained in detail and shown in action. All past tips are available from the script archive.

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